Name: Mcpl. Quest Fanguito 'Renee' 
  Size: 6" & up   Price: $20.00/ growth 2 to 4 bulbs.

Name: C. quadricolor fma semi alba

' Sazagua' 1710. Sold out.
 BS Size: 6"   Price: $85.00 

Name: BLC. Mem. Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton' AM/AOS (295)
 BS Size: 6"  Price; $50.00

​​​Name: Lc. Lake Casitas 'Spring Finery' AM/AOS (1180)
Description: Divisions from mother plant.
 BS Size: 6"  Price: $75.0​0

​​​​​​​Name: C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS (125)
Description: Supper parent, as well as nice lavender.
 BS Size: 6" Price:$45.00

Name: Lc. Summit View 'Primero' (430)
Description: Very nice spring lavender.
 BS Size: 6" Price:$40.00

Name: Blc. Silk Slippers 'Southern Beauty' HCC/AOS (135)  Description:  BS Size:  SOLD OUT 

Name: L.(SCHOM) moyobambae : 'The Princess Renee' HCC/AOS  (225) Description: Was awarded a Ft Lauderdale in 2010.             BS Size: 8"  Price: $65..00  

Name:                      Description: (Blc. Canyonlands "Monument' X Blc. Goldenzelle 'Saffron Satin') '#1  '(1385).  BS Size: 6"  Price:$40.00  

Name: Rsc. Sedona's Golden Queen 'Sedona Rainbow' (1485) Description:  Pot. Hisako Akatsuka 'Volcano Queen' X Blc. Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon' AM/AOS  BS Size: 6":  Price: $75.00  

 Name: POT. Sedona's Behold 'Primero' HCC/AOS (1205) Description: Pot. Hisako Akatsuka  X  BLC. Mem Crispin Rosales. Division of mother.                BS Size: 6"  Price: $70.00  

​​​​​​Name:Description: (Blc. Goldtone  X Blc. George King) 'Sedona' (1340) Sold Out.     BS Size: 6" Price:   

Name: BLC. William Gee 'Grade A' (835) Description: Nice spring white.     BS Size: 6"  Price: $45.00  

Name: C. Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS (1105) Description: Outstanding white. Division from Mother.  

BS Size: 6":  Sold Out. 

Name: C. Ruth Gee 'Grandma 'AM/AOS (1110) Description: Superb white. Divisions from mother plant. One plant available. BS  Size: 6"  Price: $130.00  

Name: C. Sierra Blanca 'Mt Whitney' AM/AOS  (315)  Description: Very fine old white. BS Size: 6"  Price: $45.00  

Name: BLC. OVATION 'TRUE HERITAGE (165) Description: Outstanding lavender. I believe is a tetraploid. I use this in my breeding program. BS Size: 6"  Sold Out  

 Name: Lc. Tropical Sunset 'Cheer Girl' HCC/AOS,BM/JO (1155)          BS Size: 6"  Price: Sold Our  

Name: C. warneri var coerulea (765) Description: Sold out.                              BS Size: 6"  Price:$35.00