SIAM 333​ ​Rlc. Amazing Thailand 'Rainbow' X (Rlc. Sweeet Anniversy X C.Macky Flare) Size 6", Price: $35.00


                                                                                                                                    Name: Blc. Sedona's Pink Jewel (Pending)
Description: Blc. Sedona's Pink Silk 'Sedona' X Blc. Desert Jewel  'Mt. Everest'. Looking for light pinks with red lips. Flowers will be large and fragrant.( 9132)
SS Size:6"  Price:$30.00


Name: Recc. Sedona's Little Plum 
Description: Blc. Plum Pretty 'Black Magic' X Schom. undulata. Expect Schom-Catt flowers dark lavender to plum color. I hope for awards from this cross.(9137)
 SS Size:6"  Price:$40.00

​H-101 Bc. Nadia Lofton.( Bc. Donna Kimura 'Paradise Tami X C. labiata 'Sherwood Forest'  AM/AOS. Expect great cattleyas. Both parents outstanding. Size 6".  Price: $32.00

​KA-6036 Onc. Trichocentrum lanceanum Size 6" Price: $40.00

Name: Blc. Sedona's  Royal Renee
Description: Blc. Texas Royalty 'Sedona' X L.(Schom) moyobambae 'The Princess Renee' HCC/AOS. Flowers will like Schom-Catt. Color will be red-lavender to bronze. This should be great cross. There are awards coming  here I hope..( 9119)
BS Size:6" Price: $50.00  


​H-107 Blc. Bouton Dor' 'Lewis' AM/AOS X C Intermedia aquinii. Expect orange to yellow with splashes in petals. Size 6". Price: $35.00 Quanity limited.

Name; Rmc. Sedona's Emerald
Description: Blc. Mem Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton AM/AOS X Mcp. tibicinis (schom) (yellow form) (11109). All that have bloomed have been yellow with red lips. Will make great specimen plants. SOLD OUT

Name: Lc. Sedona's Rainbow Clouds 
Description: Lc. Orange Snow 'Cloud Forest' X C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS (11105). First bloom seedlings to left.
BS Size:6"    Price:$40.00



​H-114 Rlc. Sedona's Desert Snow 'David's Dream' X C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS. Size 5" Quanities limited.  Price: $25.00