​​​​​Name: Rlc. Sedona's Green Ruffles
Description: Blc. Williette Wong 'The Best' AM/AOS X R. dibgyana 'Lucky Green' (8156) Expect yellow and greens with large frilled lips. Seedling bloom to left.

BS Size:6"  Price:$30.00

Name: Blc. Sedona's Desert Slpendor (Pending) Description: Blc. Desert Jewel 'Mt. Everest' X Lc. Persepolis 'Splendor AM/AOS. Great Semi- Alba's (4105)
 BS Size:6"  Price: $25.00


Name: Lyon. Sedona's Fire Dance 
Description: Lc. Koolou Seagulls 'Volcano Queen' X  Schom. undulata.  Expect sprays of red to red orange flowers.(8130) Sold Out

BS Size:6"  


Name: Rlc. Sedona's Golden Wong
Description: Rsc. Sedona Golden Queen 'Gold Crown' X Rlc. Williette Wong 'The Best' AM/AOS. Expect great art shades. (8164)
BS Size:6"  Price:$35.00

Name: Rlc.  Mem. Gary Kraus
Description: Blc. Hunaba Esmeralda 'Golden Jade' X  Rlc. Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon' AM/AOS. Expect great yellows and fragrant. (7100)


Name: Rlc. Sedona's Matrix Queen (Pending)
Description: Blc. Suzuki's Matrix 'Gold Crown' X Pot. Hisako Akatsuka 'Volcano Queen'. Expect yellows to art shades and lavenders and fragrant.  (9107)
BS Size::6"   Price:$25.00

Name: Rlc. Sedona's Queen
Description: Pot. Cesar's Head 'Carolina Autumn'  X  B. nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS. Photo to left is of first bloom seedlings. (6102)
BS Size:6"  Price:$25.00


Name: Rlc. Sedona's Samurai )Pending)
Description: Pot. Sedona' s Red Autumn '#1'(Hisako Akatsuka x Owen Holmes)  X  Rlc .Chia Lin , Shinsu #1' AM/AOS. Expect Great Reds. Should be fragrant. First bloom Left. (6104)

Name: Pot. Sedona's Little Volcano 
Description: Pot. Hisako Akatsuka 'Volcano Queen X B. nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS. Expect nodosa with colored lips & petals.Sample seedlng to left ( 8158)
 BS Size: 6"  Price:$25.00

Name: Rlc. Sedona's Rainbow 
Description: Rlc. Long Life Rainbow 'Sedona'  X  Rlc. Goldenzelle 'Promised Land' AM/AOS. First bloom seedling to left. Fragrant. (7101)

Name: Blc. Sedona's Mount Splendor (Pending)
Description: Lc. Persepolis 'Splendor' AM/AOS X Bc. Mount Hood 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS (9135)
BS Size:6"  Price:$30.00

Name: Rlc. Sedona's Glory Matrix.  Description: Blc. Suzuki's Matrix 'Sedona Glory' X Rsc. Sedona's Golden Queen 'Gold Crown'. Expect art shades. Flowers will be fragrant. First Bloom Seedling to left.  (8161)

BS Size:6"  Price:$25.00


  Name: Rlc. Sedona's Rainforest (Pending) Description: L. tenebrosa 'Rain Forest' FCC/AOS X Rlc. Williette Wong 'The Best' AM/AOS. Expect bronze to art shade flowers. Blommed seed;ing to left (8162)       SS   BS Size:6"  Price:$30.00  



 Name: Rlc. Sedona's Golden RainforestDescription: L. tenebrosa 'Rain Forest' FCC/AOS X Rsc. Sedona's Golden Queen 'Gold Crown'. Expect bronze to art shade flowers. First bloom seedling to  left.(8163) 
BS Size:6"  Price:$30.00  

Name: Cah. Sedona's Arizona Sunshine
Description: Rby. Apache Sunrise 'Sedona' X  Lc. Gold Digger 'Sedona'. expect orange to yellow sunrise style flowers. First bloom to Left (8132)

Name: Blc. Sedona's Ovation (pending)
Description: Blc. Chia Lin 'Shinsu #1'  X  Blc. Ovation 'True Heritage'. Expect very dark lavender to red lavender flowers of great form. Flowers should average 6" and be fragrant. (6108)
BS Size:6"   Price:$30.00
Name: Lc. Delicious Love 
Description: Lc. Love Knot var Coerulea X C. trianae 'Delicata'. Expect some light blues. Flower size will increase due to trianae. (8147)
BS Size:6"  Price:$25.00


Name: Rlc. Sedona's Golden Matrix (Pending)
Description: Rlc. Suzuki's Matrix 'Gold Crown' X Blc. Goldenzelle 'Prelude'. expect great yellows. flowers will be large and fragrant. 9108
BS Size:6" Price:$30.00


Name: Pot. Sedona's Green Moon (Pending)
Description: Pot. Kat Green Power 'Big Ten' X Blc. Hualet 'Sun Moon'. It's your guess? I got carried away with the tooth pick.(9109)
BS Size:6" Price:$30.00